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I can’t get my head around as to why I like these animas so much. There are actually different animals that many people not familiar with these don’t know. Llama is one kind, then...

Kids at Train Graveyard

Kids at Train Graveyard

Bolivia was one of the friendliest countries I visited last year. Despite poverty and lower living standards, everyone seems happy. These kids were very playful and friendly, jumping from one carriage to another at...


Puma, or is it Cougar?

The big cat with the most names, the Puma is found across an extensive area of the Americas. The Puma is also well known as Cougar and Mountain Lion, and is more closely related to...

The Drone

The Drone – Horror Movie Spoof

I came across this horror movie spoof called The Drone. Funny as, and well filmed too. This isn’t even going to stop me from buying a drone 😀



The lagoons in the altiplanos in Chile, South America, are home to beautiful flamingo families. There is a variety of fauna (including llamas and alpacas, of course), and I quite liked watching flamingos. With...